About Me

Hi! Hey! Hello! Welcome to my tiny area in this (dot) com world! I am so glad you found me! My name is Rosie. I am a Floridian gal who was born and raised in Orlando. I attended Rollins College and I have a degree in international affairs and a minor in business. Go Tars!

I’m pretty random so you’ll get to see what I’m cooking, what I’m exploring, and other randoms! I’m a first generation american born Lebanese lady who runs on coffee and rocks messy hair bun most of the time.

I was raised in the kitchen cooking with my mom, my aunts and my grandma. As a kiddo you could find me hanging out on the counter or in the kitchen learning how to cook and admiring the love and passion going into creating a beautiful and fulfilling meal. We take our kitchen time like super serious. Serious in that you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside afterwards OR like you need to change into yoga pants AKA athleisure wear post meal. Maybe both? Either way- it’s a win.

I’ll be sharing some recipes of the meals I grew up on and then others I’ve created or found along the way! When I am not cooking or exploring I’m either cuddling with my dogs (Max & Bruno), trying to sit still and relax (not very skilled in this area), or on the move trying to stay fit. Some days I eat spinach salads and some days I indulge. It’s called balance right? Can’t wait to cook and roam with you!